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The diagrams in this wiki are created with Mermaid

To create an image of the diagrams, Mermaid's client tools can be used. For example, to create a svg file of the sequence diagram, do the following:

  1. install node
  2. install Mermaid's client tools at the command line or in powershell with npm install -g @mermaid-js/mermaid-cli
  3. clone the wiki or use git pull to make sure you have the latest version of the wiki
  4. to create a svg file of the diagram called output.svg, run

mmdc -i 4.2-‐-Sequence-diagram-of-process.md -o output.svg -t default -b transparent

from the folder containing the md file. Using an svg is preferable as you can zoom in without losing detail.

Open the generated output.svg file with a browser and zoom in an out as required