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Werewords is a social deduction word game for 4-10 players. One player, the Mayor, picks a secret word from a list of four randomly chosen options. The rest of the players ask yes-or-no questions, which the Mayor answers. The Mayor is otherwise completely mute, and is only allowed to answer questions by sliding a token to the player who asked (or in the case of this bot, by using commands). Complicating this task are the hidden roles each player has: most players are aligned with the Town, and win when one player asks "Is the word " and the Mayor answers with a big shiny star token. However, there is also a faction of Werewolves (or at small playercounts, a single werewolf). The Werewolves win if the Town uses up all their questions without guessing the correct word.

For a complete listing of the rules for Werewords, see the official rules, from Bézier Games.

Werewords Commands


Syntax: !start werewords <difficulty> <role_list> <@player_1> <@player_2> ... <@player_n>

(DM only) (Mayor only) !pick

Syntax: !pick <1/2/3/4>

(DM only) (Seer only) !objection

Syntax: !objection


Syntax: !wordlists


Syntax: !quit/!end


Syntax: !tokens

(Mayor only) !yes

Syntax: !yes

(Mayor only) !no

Syntax: !no

(Mayor only) !what

Syntax: !what

(Mayor only) !close

Syntax: !close

(Mayor only) !wayoff

Syntax: !wayoff <optional: @target>