List of contribution tasks for the Outreachy application period - Bioconductor/BSgenomeForge Wiki

Welcome Outreachy applicants!

Please use my email (hpages.on.github at to get in touch with me, or open an issue in this repository to start a discussion (it will be public).

Bioconductor Outreachy applicants are also strongly encouraged to join the #outreachy channel on the community-bioc Slack. First register to the Slack at, then join the #outreachy channel and quickly introduce yourself (nothing formal, communication on Slack tends to be rather informal).

See for an introduction to BSgenome data packages and some useful links.

During the Outreachy application period, applicants need to get familiar with the current process of making a BSgenome data package. This requires that they install R and Bioconductor devel on their machine (at least the BSgenome package and all its dependencies). The contribution tasks listed below will also require that they learn to navigate the wealth of resources available at the UCSC Genome Browser and NCBI.

Preliminary tasks (all applicants)

Proposed contribution tasks