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Installation Status

This post cover information regarding whether an update or which update require clean or dirty flash installation. Below table represent latest revision (Release Tag) of BiTGApps, MicroG and Addon Package.

Package Revision
BiTGApps R44
MicroG R44
Addon R32

Main package is BiTGApps/MicroG and Addon follow main package.

If you are on below R30 revision then do clean flash installation else dirty flash installation will be fine. In case dirty flash installation created issues for you then perform clean flash installation.

Clean Install Revisions

Revisions that require clean install and cannot be dirty installed mentioned below.

Applied to both BiTGApps and MicroG packages.

Clean installation refers to wiping of system, vendor, data, cache partitions. Encrypted data may require format of internal storage.

Deprecated Revisions

Only R30 and above revisions taken into consideration to determine the installation type. Because of change in partition used for installing GApps components. Anything below R30 revision is deprecated.

Dirty Install Revisions

Revisions that can be either dirty or clean installed mentioned below.

Applied to both BiTGApps and MicroG packages.


Package Changelog
BiTGApps Up-to R44
microG Up-to R44
Addon Up-to R32


Skipping any update that requires clean flash installation doesn't makes the latter update eligible for dirty installation. Even when the subsequential revisions can be dirty installed.