3. Post Install - Atlas-OS/Atlas Wiki


The amount of post install steps is minimized to make it easy for the regular user.

There is zero need for extra programs/scripts from other communities, in most cases they will only cause issues.


The first thing you should do when you install Atlas is install drivers, most importantly GPU Drivers.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

In layman terms, DEP is a mitigation which helps prevent possible malicious code from being run in memory. This can affect performance so it is disabled by default. It may be required for some anti-cheats such as VAC, Valorant's Vanguard, FACEIT, etc. You can enable DEP on Atlas through the batch file within the "Atlas" folder on the desktop.


Users who have installed Atlas on a hard drive may benefit from enabling prefetching, this can be done with the folder Named "HDD" under the Atlas folder on your Desktop.


Full screen optimizations allow for an "optimized" borderless windowed mode. This allows for faster commands such as alt-tab. It is generally recommended to enable FSE (fullscreen exclusive) instead of FSO. You can do this by opening the FSO folder under Atlas.

Sleep States

You can disable these if you never use sleep or hibernation: S-States, or sleep states are OS controlled states. You may recognize it as Sleep or Hibernate. S1-S3 are known as sleep and S4 is known as Hibernate.