2. Installing - Atlas-OS/Atlas Wiki


2.1. Nooby/Simple Install Guide (With USB) Video Version

If you're looking for an easy way to install Atlas onto your USB Stick, Rufus will be your best option. You can download Rufus using the link below, and you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Download Rufus and open the application.
  2. Select your device (USB Stick) using the list box at the top.
  3. Import your desired .iso file (https://atlasos.net)
  4. Select your partition scheme (Most commonly GPT) & Target system to UEFI (non-CSM). If you don't know if your system is GPT follow this guide. If you want to convert your drive to GPT follow this guide. You may be on a BIOS/MBR system, if so select MBR & BIOS in Rufus.
  5. You can change the name of the USB Stick using the "Volume Label" option also.
  6. Keep the default FAT32 file system and 16-kilobyte cluster size. If it's different to this, keep it to that instead.
  7. Select START and then wait for it to extract the .iso onto your USB Stick, this will clear all files.
  8. When it's finished, press WINDOWS KEY + R and then enter in the box "shutdown.exe -r -o -f -t 00" and it should boot you to your boot selection menu.
  9. Select your USB device, and it will boot you onto the Windows installation page.
  10. Find the drive which has the correct size as your main disk with Windows on, in most cases, it will be DISK 0. Select each partition of that drive (Example: Drive 0 Partition 0/1/2) and press "DELETE". NOTE: Deleting a drive means you lose all files on that drive.
  11. When you've deleted all of the partitions under your main DISK you will see "UNALLOCATED SPACE", select this and press APPLY and it will create a new disk with the full amount of space on your drive, then press next and it will install.
  12. Follow the installation steps, and you have a fresh install of AtlasOS on your device.

If for some reason you continue to have issues with Rufus you can create a ticket, or ask in the #community-help channel in our discord.

2.2. Nooby/Simple Install Guide (Without USB) Video Version


2.3. Other Guides