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🎨 Astro Bookings Sub Domains

Main areas of knowledge to better understand The Domain. Categorized in order of importance: Core -> Supporting -> Generic

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Detailed list of events and commands related to each one

💓 Core


  • Offer Trip by Operator
  • Trip offered by the Operator
  • Promote Trip to every VIP Traveler by email
  • Trip promoted by Agency email to VIP Traveler
  • Publish Trip offer on the web
  • Trip published on web by Agency
  • Cancel Trip by Operator
  • Trip canceled by the Operator
  • Refund Booking price to the Traveler after cancellation
  • Booking refunded to Traveler
  • Notify Trip cancellation to any Traveler by email
  • Cancellation notified to Traveler


  • Solicite Booking by the Traveler
  • Booking solicited by Traveler
  • Ask for Booking availability to the Operator before confirm
  • Availability verified by Operator
  • Charge Booking price to the Traveler before confirm
  • Booking paid by Traveler
  • Reserve Booking with the Operator
  • Booking reserved by Operator
  • Notify Booking confirmation to the Traveler
  • Booking confirmed to Traveler
  • Booking annulled by Traveler
  • Refund Booking price to the Traveler after annulation
  • Booking refunded to Traveler
  • Release Booking with Operator
  • Booking released by Traveler

🍏 Supporting


  • Operator affiliated to Agency
  • Traveler registered at the Agency
  • Mark a Traveler as a VIP Traveler
  • Mark an Operator as Loyal Operator


  • Calculate Fee for Operator
  • Send Fee to Operator
  • Fee charged to Operator

👖 Generic


  • Charge to Traveler
  • Refund to Traveler


  • Notify Operator or Traveler by email
  • Notify Operator by calling API

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