Importing Tutorial - ArgoreOfficial/SprocketMeshConverter Wiki

The mesh.

First step is to get the mesh compatible with SMC and Sprocket.

Here i will be using Blender to prepare the model.


Make sure it is one object. You can merge objects by selecting them and pressing Ctrl + J.

You can skip this step, but issues may occur by doing so.


Secondly, make sure the mesh is triangulated. Meaning it is made out of triangles and not other shapes.

To do this using blender, select the object and open Modifier Properties.


Add "Triangulate".


And apply.


The mesh should now look something like this


After this. Export the model as a wavefront (*.obj).


Using SMC.

Next step is importing the model into SMC.

Open the program and type in the location of the model you exported in the last step, and press enter.

If the last step was done correctly, you should see something like this.


Now simply choose what name and faction you want to save in, if you're unsure, just press enter and it will be saved in the Default faction.

The compartment should now be saved.

Loading the model in Sprocket.

Go into Sprocket and open the Base tab.


If you are making a hull. Press the load compartment button and click on your file.

If you are making a turret. First place down a turret, right click it. Then load the compartment.

image image

You can now adjust the imported model using the in game transform tools.