Changelog - Antoshidza/NSprites GitHub Wiki


Fix add rendering components methods missed PropertyPointerChunk component


Add DebugSystem (editor / development build only) which detect missed property-components for sprite renderers and wrong PropertyPointer / PropertyPointerChunk composition (if it somehow was setted wrong) You can use NSPRITES_DEBUG_SYSTEM_DISABLE to fully disable debug system from compilation if you doesn't need it


Minor internal changes of how PoprertyPointer / PropertyPointerChunk baked to entity


You can use any blittable component as shader StructuredBuffer<T> property. Previously only 1-filed component could be used. Update details. Using components as properties details. Upgraid guide: There is no more PropertyFormat so all your InstancedPropertyComponent should be used without PropertyFormat parameter. So for example [assembly: InstancedPropertyComponent(typeof(SpriteColor), "_color", PropertyFormat.Float4)] becomes [assembly: InstancedPropertyComponent(typeof(SpriteColor), "_color")]


  • You can now also register Mesh (quad by default as previously) and render Bounds per render using new RenderArchetypeStorage methods.
  • Added NSpritesException for better exception analysis


Bug fixes / improvements


Add Window -> Entities -> NSprites window where you can inspect NSprites data. More.


Add baker extension method for adding sprite render components driven by baking system. From now client code can use this.AddSpriteRenderComponents(int id) from baker code.


Upgrade codebase to 1.0 API. Details. Upgrade guide: to register renders you should now use SystemAPI.ManagedAPI.TryGetSingleton<RenderArchetypeStorage>(out var renderArchetypeStorage) instead of accessing directly to system instance like var renderSystem = World.GetSystem<SpriteRenderingSystem>();


Minor typos / obsolete API / bug fixes + improvements


Release version. From this point package has documentaton on github wiki and also samples.


Last alpha version when package was in deep developement. This version is hardly differ from next versions. It can be only used with entities v0.17 and has no documentation nor samples.