09 Carson Sinclair - Antimarkovnikov/AHC Wiki

...you look more closely at the toy.

Minifigure, Hair Male Bald Top with White Short Hair Pattern
Item No: 12893pb03  Light Nougat
Minifigure, Head White Gray Eyebrows, Gray and White Beard and Wrinkles Pattern - Hollow Stud
Item No: 3626cpb2127  Light Nougat
Torso Jacket, White Shirt with Pinstripes, Light Bluish Gray Vest Pattern / Black Arms / Light Nougat Hands
Item No: 973pb3237c01  Black
Hips and Legs Plain
Item No: 970c00  Black
Minifigure Tuxedo Tails Cloth
Item No: 26697  Black
Minifigure, Utensil Key
Item No: 40359a  Dark Blueish Gray

The investigators must decide:
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