Telecon: 2024 07 09 - Alpine-DAV/ascent GitHub Wiki

2024/7/9 Meeting


Since 0.9.3:

  • Mixed element meshes
  • Bug fix in Uniform Grid

In progress:

  • Nicole: MIR is done but need to find why zero-copy is failing in VTK-m
  • Nicole: Auto Slice bug similar to Uniform Grid
  • Nicole: Working on Ascent + WarpX on Lassen then Ascent + WarpX + Anari
  • Cyrus: Working on VTK-m patch for Frontier rendering bugs


  • Mark Bolstad reached out about an interlab LDRD: Fundamental AI for Science, Energy Security, Radiographic Systems, and Advanced Manufacturing. The main area that might be of interest is the “Fundamental AI for Science”. The area that I want to tackle is “trustworthiness”, applying visualization to understand what is happening inside the black box.
  • Nicole attended CEA/NNSA annual meeting.
    • This year's goals:
      • Enable Anari rendering with Ascent (Q2 CY25)
      • Evaluate production quality visualizations with Ascent & Catalyst (Q2 CY25)
      • AI/ML for improving in situ usage (Q2 CY25)
        • Current idea: using LLM to generate input scripts
    • Other takeaways:
      • More VR/AR from everyone; we are not currently doing much of this at LLNL
      • AR/VR Goals (all LANL, SNL, or CEA):
        • Investigate new hardware and capabilities for exploring scientific datasets (Q2 CY25)
        • Evaluate collaborative exploration of Scientific Data between remote labs using XR technologies (Q2 CY25)
        • Share experiences using alternative technologies for scientific data understanding (Q2 CY25)