Documentation - AlmartDev/InsiderEngine Wiki

Welcome to the InsiderEngine documentation

Sandbox editor controls

Scene movement

  • Move by using W,A,S,D


  • resize object -> Y
  • move object -> T
  • rotate object -> R


  • Create scene -> Ctrl + N
  • Open scene -> Ctrl + O
  • Save scene -> Ctrl + S
  • Create scene as -> Ctrl + Shift + S

Import packages to your projects

In insider engine 0.6 and newer you can import packages. To import a project please take a look at all this stuff down here! You will need to have installed git to import them.

Import guide

Open your project in the sandbox editor and, on the menu bar, go to file > import package, write the https or ssh to the package, like the demo github repository, demo package here -> demo-package

or with SSH

[email protected]:AlmartDev/demo-package.git

and then click the import button. the package will be imported to your project. So, to use the files into the package just include something like #include "../yourpackage/yourfile.h" and then you can use all the stuff into the package.

Create a package

If you want to crate a package just create a repository and set all your files in there, also, it will be nice to create a .pack file with the name and the version of the package (is not necessary), just look at the .pack file in the demo-package