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Akabot Documentation: Giveaways Module


The Giveaways module allows server administrators to create and manage giveaways directly within their Discord server. This documentation provides an overview of the available commands and how to use them effectively.


  • Create new giveaways with a specified duration.
  • Automatically manage giveaway participants.
  • Select and announce winners once the giveaway period ends.
  • Track and update giveaway participation based on reactions.


/giveaways new

Description: Create a new giveaway.


/giveaways new item:<item> days:<days> hours:<hours> minutes:<minutes> winners:<winners>


  • item: The item or prize for the giveaway.
  • days: The number of days the giveaway will last.
  • hours: The number of hours the giveaway will last.
  • minutes: The number of minutes the giveaway will last.
  • winners: The number of winners to select for the giveaway.


/giveaways new item:Gift Card days:2 hours:5 minutes:30 winners:1

Creates a giveaway for a "Gift Card" that lasts for 2 days, 5 hours, and 30 minutes, with 1 winner.

/giveaways end <giveaway_id>

Description: End a specific giveaway.


/giveaways end <giveaway_id>


  • giveaway_id: The ID of the giveaway to end.


/giveaways end 123456789

Ends the giveaway with the ID "123456789".

Participation in Giveaways

To participate in a giveaway, users need to react to the giveaway message with the 🎉 emoji. The module will automatically register and manage the participants.

Removing Participation

If a user removes their 🎉 reaction from the giveaway message, they will be automatically removed from the participants list.

Giveaway Management

The module runs a background task every minute to check for ended giveaways. When a giveaway ends, the:

  1. Selects a random winner from the participants.
  2. Announces the winner in the giveaway channel.
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