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[City 17] is a traditional versus map of confogl match mode, which was added to zm very early, but previously there was only mapinfo (that is, only ban-tank-range), but so far there is no optimization such as blocking stuck spots, adding Si ladder, adding spawn spots, limiting pills position, and changing bullets;

In addition, the map was so difficult, such as [map 3 bridge] [map 4 lonnnng distance] and [hard rescue]; Based on the above I spent some time to do the 3 version of optimization, you can read about the major changes in this wiki. If you have suggestions for this , welcome reply in discord , here are some tips:

  1. The screenshot will use the preview in the l4d2 map tool (better recognition) , i can ensure that it is consistent with the reality
  2. All content was verified (local + server), tested (8fd, 4v4, match)
  3. Please engage in friendly discussions and provide reasons and drawbacks for inappropriate content. If there is a better plan, thank you very much
  4. This page mainly shows the important changes, small changes (such as stuck spots) can be viewed in cfgs
  5. The cfg modification package has been uploaded to the Git test library (not the zm library).
  6. GH address
  7. It will be submitted in 1 weeks, during which we hope you can download the change package to help test the feedback


[map 1] l4d2_city17_01

  • limit the pills position around alarm car


  • remove the white car near alarmcar


  • add van car/fence/barricade at saferoom


  • add box/rocks after saferoom help Si


  • add barrel around 1st door help Svv


  • add 3 barrier around alarmcar help Svv do tank fight


[map 2] l4d2_city17_02

  • limit the pills position at event button/up the ladderr/elevator

2001a 2001b 2001c

  • cancel the alarm sign collsion


  • add handrails around event button


  • add handrails/pipeset around long ladder

2004 2004a

  • add a table help svv around elevt (and improve light)


  • add a box left elevt exit


  • glow the new-human-ladder , when they press event button


[map 3] l4d2_city17_03

remove the storm effect and logic relays

  • limit the pills position at ruin building/broken stair/after event 3000 3000b 3000c
  • add a smg down the broken stair


  • add lots of models around alarm car


  • add a Si ladder and box after ruin building


  • add a Si ladder and 2 barrels down the ladder

3003 3003a

  • add some post/barrels model before event


  • add some models before end safedoor


[map 4] l4d2_city17_04

set the pills number to 3

  • limit the pills position at bridge event/crash house/minigun

4000a 4000b 4000c 4000d

  • add some post models around street 4001
  • add 2 handrails before big bidge


  • add 2 human ladders down the bridge event (enable entil Svv press event button)
  • there are about 23s Svv need, from ground to big bridge

4003a 4003b

  • add 2 pipes after big bridge (Svv couldd use these get ground)


  • add barricades, playwoods in the plane crash house


  • add a Si ladder in the plane crash house


[map 5] l4d2_city17_05

set the pills number to 3

reset the finale script

  • orgin stages : [2panic + 12s + 1tank + 12s + 2panic + 15s + 1tank + 10s]
  • rework stages : [2panic + 12s + 1tank + 15s + 1panic + 10s]

reset the distance score to 700

  • limit the pills position ,2 on the platform/ 1 on rescue track


  • add a hittable car on square


  • add door with the container


  • fix the final barrel collsion


  • add a Si ladder near stair into train room


  • fix an ai tank stuck spot