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Info is a basic command that gives info on the bot, it has 3 pages as of V3, main, permissions and config limits.

  • Main shows off a brief description as well as links to other documentation. (Privacy Policy, Terms Of User, Support Server, etc)

  • Permissions show off what permissions AidanBot should have, could have and shouldn't have. This is so admins can make sure AidanBot is only accsessing what he needs.

  • config limits show what limits config values have, this can change based on circumstances:

    • If the server is owned by Aidan then the bot has infinite limits.
    • If the server has at least 40 Members then the bot has extended limits, with a string limit of 1000 characters, number limit of 10 characters and a stackable limit of 25 entries.
    • If the server doesn't have either conditions above then the bot has default limits, with a string limit of 250 characters, number limit of 5 characters and a stackable limit of 10 entries.

How To Run

Info has 0 arguments