Connecting to Server Racks - ACRVMonash/LabWiki Wiki

Connecting To Your Account

Through the Terminal

You can connect to your account through the terminal by typing the command: For GX1: ssh <YOUR USERNAME>@ For GX2: ssh <YOUR USERNAME>@

Typing out ssh -X -C <YOUR USERNAME>@, you'll get a slight performance increase (-C enables compression) and be able to use graphics such as nautilus (-X enables graphics usage).

For added convenience, you can add the following alias to your .bashrc file: alias cr1="sshpass -p <YOUR PASSWORD> ssh -C -X <YOUR USERNAME>@" after installing sshpass (sudo apt-get install sshpass). Then you will be able to connect to the server rack by simply typing cr1 into the terminal. Note: you may need to connect manually first once with ssh before sshpass will work, since there's an initial host verification step which sshpass doesn't seem to handle.

Through Nautilus

You can also connect to the ssh server directly through nautilus (the default 'Files' program on Ubuntu). Open 'Files' (nautilus) and click on the '+ Other Locations' on the left side-bar. At the bottom of the window should be a panel labelled "connect to server". In this enter ssh://<YOUR USERNAME>@<IP ADDRESS>. In this case, use the IP address of the GPU rack, i.e.