Sprint Retrospectives : Project 3 (Password Reset feature) - 220725-JavaFS/synergy-crazy-carbonara Wiki

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Was I organized in my approach to completing Sprint tasks?
  • What are some things I tried that worked well for me during the project?
  • What happened during the Sprint that I didn't expect?
  • How can I make the next Sprint better?
  • How was communication among the team?
  • What could be done to improve teamwork?

Jairo Diaz-Ortiz

  • I believe I was more organized than in the last previous project.
  • Brushing up my knowledge of angular.
  • I did not expect this to be more streamlined.
  • Be more proactive in other both ends (frontend and backend) of the project.
  • Better than last time. More practice makes good communication.
  • More communication I believe. But it was all right nonetheless.

Matt Fox

  • Since this was only one feature it was much more organized than our previous project.
  • What worked well for me was taking time to help Jairo and Ryan understand how to structure their front-end parts to connect to the backend.
  • I wasn't expecting us to have a feature small enough to finish in under a week.
  • I think I can make the next sprint better by planning more what data should be sent between the front and back ends so everyone understands the objects they are working with.
  • Communication was good. we all had a good idea of where our other team members were at throughout working on our feature.
  • Making sure everyone is aware from the beginning what type of data they should receive and send.

Kira Smiley

  • This sprint was by far the most organized. One reason for this may be that we are working with a feature instead of building an entire web application from start to finish.
  • One thing that went well was the initial research for our feature. Doing thorough research on it first helped us then decide how the workload should be divided.
  • We encountered some unexpected problems when trying to test the existing service classes in the backend but they were eventually resolved.
  • I think if we follow the same organizational patterns as this sprint then the next sprint should be just as good.
  • Communication among the team was great, we've been collaborating well with one another.
  • I don't believe any improvements need to be made.

Ryan Brooks

  • Added Component Testing And Service Testing To Password Reset Send Email Component
  • Functional Pieces Inside Of The Ts File For Password Reset Send Email That Are Used To Add In Certain Logic At Certain Times
  • For Me Personally, I Used Some Established Knowledge When Completing This Feature