Week 2 - 220103-java-etl/Synergy-Imaginary-Weasels Wiki


James: Yesterday: Studied for QC and practiced inteliJ, took a look at the definitions to get them down. Today: Hopes to do well on their QC. Roadblock: learning the ins and outs of the intelliJ software.

Jacarri: Yesterday: Made flash card to memorize watch YouTube tutorials, made their own branch on git hub to try out some of the assignments. Today: Just to do well on the QC Roadblock: Definitions of key terms.

Johnathan: Yesterday: He studied, went over last weeks topics. Today: Wants to do well in their QC and 1 on 1. Roadblock: None so far.

Brionna: Yesterday: She studied the 4 pillars of Oop and polymorphism mostly. Today: She just wants to do well in QC. Roadblock: Nothing that she sees right now.

Daniel: Yesterday: They did their assignments over gitbash, studied java concepts. Today: Is hopeful that their studying will pay off for QC. Roadblocks: When they did their assignment they were struggling to see if they were submitting the correct solution

Jesus: Yesterday: Looked over my notes and created a branch to turn in assignments. Today: Hopeful of their QC. Roadblocks: struggles with recalling definitions


James: Yesterday: Went over the questions they missed yesterday. Today: James is striving to do better on the exam than the QC Roadblocks: None at the moment

Jacarri: Yesterday: Went back over topics that they told him to review for the next QC. Today: Wants to get better at coding. Roadblocks: Terminology, needs to learn when to use the right coding keywords.

Johnathan: Yesterday: Did some java exercises to refresh their skills. Today: Wants to do well on the quizes. Roadblocks: None his path is open to the bountiful fields of new knowledge.

Brionna: Yesterday: They had their first QC and studied what they needed to work on. Today: Wants to do well on their quizzes. Roadblocks: No roadblocks, open for exploration.

Daniel: Yesterday: Studies for todays quizzes. Today: After the quiz he wants to see what he needs to work on. Roadblocks: No roadblocks at the moment.

Jesus: Yesterday: Reviewed personal notes taken during the one-on-one. Today: Strive to pay full attention during the lecture and take detailed notes. Roadblocks: Need to work on memorizing key concepts to bring them up quicker during interviews.


James: Yesterday: Went over his notes, did a little studying on the different apps we are going to use. Today: Hopes to understand todays concepts. Roadblocks: No roadblocks.

Jacarri: Yesterday: Went over notes for variable scopes looked at some videos and looked over the project notes. Today: Wants to start working on their project. Roadblocks: Prepare for the next QC.

Johnathan: Yesterday: Paid attention to lecture and look at the project requirements Today: Pay more attention to the lectures. Roadblocks: None at the moment.

Brionna: Yesterday: Paid attention to lectures and started on their project. Today: Make sure they started right and pay more attention. Roadblock: not sure if they started the project right.

Daniel: Yesterday: Read over the notes in git hub. Today: Wants to pay more attention to the lectures today to take better notes. Roadblocks: Has a problem opening up pdf files on git.

Jesus: Yesterday: Created my own personal repository branch on git hub to turn in project one. Today: Want to look over yesterday notes while the instructor is in their meeting. Roadblocks: Need to find more time out of class reviewing notes.


James: Yesterday: Went over the notes to memorize what he can. Today: Just make good notes and study for the upcoming QC. Roadblocks: Feels he is doing well at the moment.

Jacarri: Yesterday: Went over first weeks notes and made more flash cards for terminology. Today: Wants to start making the user class for their own project. Roadblocks: Remembering terms and how to explain it.

Johnathan: Yesterday: Went over the notes and did some exercises. Today: Keep up with the note taking, start studying for QC. Roadblocks: None so far

Brionna: Yesterday: She followed along with the instructors programing and then looked over their notes. Today: Follow along and keep up with the example programming. Roadblocks: No they are keeping up with the material

Daniel: Yesterday: They went over the curriculum notes Today: Wants to focus more on the lecture: Roadblocks: Finds coding difficult needs to find more time to practice.

Jesus: Yesterday: Kept up with the programing example, bought a new laptop to code on. Today: Want to look over the curriculum and take notes for the QC on Tuesday. Roadblocks: Need to practice how to divide the project into different package layers.


James: Yesterday: Studied over lecture and did some coding challenges to prep for Tuesday. Today: Wants to study more and code more. Roadblocks: No roadblocks the path is of knowledge is clear.

Jacarri: Yesterday: Tried to make users for their own projects watched some YouTube tutorials. Today: Wants to get a deeper knowledge of the coding challenge and study for QC. Roadblocks: None today.

Johnathan: Yesterday: Followed along with lecture and did the exercise. Today: Practice terms and prepare for coding challenge. Roadblocks: None today

Brionna: Yesterday: Listened to lecture and tried to turn in their Covid results to ADP. Today: Need to e-mail HR to help them with their ADP problem, study for their test. Roadblocks: ADP login works on the browser but not on the APP.

Daniel: Yesterday: Was trying to fix their code and practice more. Today: Wants to focus more on lecture and practice some of the assignments. Roadblocks: Writing code.

Jesus: Yesterday: Paid attention to lecture and took notes. Today: Want to look over this weeks curriculum to study the functions that will be gone over during QC. Roadblock: Need to practice CRUD development.